In the rooms of Tu Morada Hostal you will find comfortable seating areas, this includes a room with beautiful decor, cozy furniture and plasma TV, two balconies overlooking pleasant streets Cali, and invite you to contemplate the sleepy landscape that evokes a huge rain tree, facing us.

Each of the rooms It has closets, nightstands, and everything you need for your pleasant stay. And aesthetics Tu Morada Hostal It is designed with indirect and dim lighting, achieving a bohemian and relaxed atmosphere where tranquility reigns and harmony.

We have two kitchens in which all utensils are serving our guest, laundry for personal use, an area for outdoor activities such socialize and BBQ, a cozy lobby, spaces designed for a effective interaction between our guest, but carefully preserving and providing privacy in them.

We extend our invitation to this nice place.

  • El Santo Cerro
    El Santo Cerro
    Cerro tutelar City of Cali, in the village of Montebello in the rural area. It is located northwest of the city and is 1480 meters. At its top are the monument of Three Crosses, a police station and several telecommunications antennas.
  • Ipsum
    Palacio Nacional
    Also houses a small museum commemorating the cultivation and processing of sugarcane. It is located to the east side of the Plaza de Cayzedo in the historic, architectural and cultural center of Cali. The July 25, 1977 was declared a national monument.
  • Cristo Rey
    Monumento a Cristo Rey
    It is a statue of 31 meters at Cerro Crystals at 1440 meters in the village Los Andes, west of the city of Cali, Colombia. The hill is so named because of the large amount of quartz that could be collected in the surrounding area.
  • Rio Pance
    Río Pance
    It is one of the main rivers in Cali. Has more than 25 km long in West-East direction Jamundí flowing into the river, turn tributary of the Cauca River, draining a watershed of 89.75 km2. It is one of the main tourist destinations of the inhabitants of Cali.
  • Ipsum
    Iglesia La Ermita
    The church is located in the Ermita Cali. Originally a thatched building early seventeenth century, established near the Cali River and dedicated to Our Lady of Solitude and Mr. Reed. In 1942, the church you see today was constructed.
  • Farallones de Cali
    Farallones de Cali
    Are rock formations with high-rise dela Colombian western range with 4100 meters. In the surrounding forests Several rivers, besides providing water used to generate electricity in the city of Cali and other towns of Valle del Cauca.
  • Capilla de San Antonio
    Capilla de San Antonio
    A mid-eighteenth century, the city of Santiago de Cali, had less than 5,000 inhabitants, extending up the hill from San Antonio. In the main church of San Pedro was a chapel dedicated to San Antonio de Padua, which was frequented by the faithful at Mass on Sundays and holidays.
  • Plaza de Caicedo
    Plaza de Caicedo
    La Plaza de Cayzedo It is the main square of the city of Cali, in Valle del Cauca. It was known as the Plaza Mayor during the colonial period until 1813 was called Plaza of the Constitution. In 1913 it was given its current name in honor of a hero of independence.